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Termite Control Services & Inspections throughout Sydney

You can choose to eliminate termites by using over-the-counter chemicals and bug sprays, but the effect will only be temporary. The best way to permanently eradicate termite infestation is by hiring pest control professinals to eliminate any termite infestation and prevent infestations from coming back.

Every termite has its role in the colony, from the king and queen through to soldiers and workers. There is a strong interdependence between these roles to help the colony survive. Worker termites are the engine room of the colony, and are the only ones that can digest timber. They feed the other termites by regurgitating the wood in liquid form.

They tend to be about 3 to 4mm long, wingless, and soft and creamy in colour. Soldiers are a fair bit larger, with pinchers for attacking and orange heads. These are the ones that rush out when the nest has been breached, guarding the nest while workers take care of the repairs.

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